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I’m honestly so thankful for the services Amazon provides. As a designer though, I think they are due for a major design refresh.

I very specifically use the word “refresh” here because I think that a complete design overhaul could cause a lot of trouble since it’s been used by millions of users across the globe.

Hence, this is something new that I’ve tried for the first time. A design refresh. I’ve “flattened” out the Amazon app, removed unnecessary gradients, borders and obsolete drop downs and replaced it with a more 2021 like design. i have taken lots of inspiration from H&M ‘s mobile app. Despite being an affordable brand, their app looks quite premium as compared to Amazon’s.

Quick Facts

My Role
High-fidelity prototyping
Created for
Mobile Phones
Time frame
5 Days
H&M Inspired Search
Taking cues from H&M's mobile app to make the search look more cleaner.
Subtle Grays
Replacing the harsh gray from Amazon's original app to more subtle version
More white space
Adding more white space to all elements to provide more clarity for the products.
Larger size for price
Using a larger font size for price for easier scanning of items!
Product name heirarchy
Splitting the bold product name into actual product name and short description
Easy toggles for product specs
Using a simple tap to change product specifications (in this example, Capacity, and Colors)
Fixed action bar
Adding a fixed action bar that shows price, and options to buy, or add to cart always while scrolling.
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