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Over 1 billion people in the world are already Bollywood media consumers and a large portion holds sentimental value in iconic moments and media produced by the industry over the century.

Digital collectibles from the Bollywood Industry will be auctioned through this platform, providing an innovative way for Bollywood enthusiasts from around the world to own NFTs of their favourite Bollywood films and celebrities.

I worked at BollyCoin NFT, India’s first NFT project backed by superstar Salman Khan for their Staking, and DAO pages along with a few sections on their landing page.

Quick Facts

My Role
Research, High-Fidelity Prototyping, Responsive Design
Created for
Desktops, Mobile Phones
Time frame
January 2022 - March 2022 (3 Months)
Live Demo


First ever Web 3 experience on a large scale
This was my first foray into web3 at a large scale. BollyCoin has over 50,000 followers on social media, and is one of the largest NFT marketplaces in India.
Making the DAO user flow intuitive and easy to understand
Most DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) in the crypto world are a little hard to understand and navigate. Hence, it was important to make this accessible for the non-tech users of the world.
Clearly explain Staking mechanism and transparency
The old flow for staking was too complicated to understand and it lacked transparency, which was shying away from the principles of decentralization and blockchain. Hence, explaining the mechanism and showing transparency was key to show reliability.
Use an existing design system
Majority of the landing page was created by a design agency in India called Cope Studio. They had already created a brand book, and a design system to follow. It was a great starting point for any new designer trying to get into the space.
Not to introduce new design elements
Since a design system was already present along with a theme, I was asked not to introduce new themes, or make any major changes to previous design elements.

Glimpses of the process

Staking - Old Platform
This was how the old website looked and functioned. Key issues found were:

- Outdated UI
- Absence of a hero section and hero offering
- No mention of products and glimpses of products
- Lack of visual hierarchy

Detailed descriptions of each coming soon in the case study!
Iteration 1
The first iteration was a major failure. The idea was to change the color palette to a more vibrant tone with red, purple and yellow as primary colors.

This was met with a brutal feedback from the senior management and some of the comments included:

- Looks like a fast food joint website
- The colors are too bold
- The font looks very childish
As a company, we decided that we needed to take a step back and first do a proper rebrand. After multiple iterations, and rounds of feedback, this is what we ended up finalizing. I worked on the entire process with a little help from the Senior Software Engineer, Eric Haltom.

Final Shipped Version
After rebranding the company, I worked on the landing page once again taking into consideration all the previous feedback. This time around, everybody in the company LOVED THE WEBSITE.

The things that worked:
- Better colors and professional UI
- Subtle animations throughout the website
- Improved visual hierarchy
- Research on scanning habits for landing pages
- Responsiveness on mobiles and tablets

Catch a glimpse here!
You can  visit the website and browse around. And if you're impressed, please share it with your friends :) 


Surpassed expectations
The new designs for DAO and Staking surpassed the expectations of the company. It was also met with positive responses from their discord server.
Offered more work
I was also offered more work for future projects at BollyCoin due to my excellent performance. Unfortunately, I had to let it go due to scheduling constaints.
Learnt working with an existing design system
So far in my career, I was used to creating design systems from scratch. This was the first time I worked with an existing design system. It helped me realize that I can still be creative and innovate intuitive user flows despite getting held back by some stringent rules.
Boosted my confidence in a new industry
Web3 is a fast and ever changing industry. Getting my foot in the door in such an industry was a great confidence booster and made me realize that design knowledge can be applied to any industry and you do not necessarily have to find a niche at such an early stage of your career.
Case Study

Coming Soon

Catch a glimpse of the screens here. Case study is coming really soon.


Anas Shaikh
Co-ordinator, Atlancer.com
Cope Studio
Design System
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